Thursday, June 21, 2007

"The Boss/Older sister Ellie!"

Here is Ellie who is going on 16...she turned 4 in April and starts pre-K in August Mon-Fri...yeah!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cooper & James Dean

Cooper & James turn one year's old on the 29th! It is crazy to think these boys are already one and I/we have survived! Just look at em', good lookin boys...

Texas Trip 2007

So, it is sad to say that we decided to start our blog back in December and now we are in June! Well, Jacob and I just got back from Kerville Texas! His cousin got married. So much fun!! I suggest going on a vacation with no kids at least once a year. We flew with Jacob's brother Andrew (AKA the man on the saddle in the pic) and his wife Janessa. We stayed with them at a Bed & Breakfast owned by Bud & Sandy Bonner known as "The Painted Horse". We had our share of laughs, bugs, lightning, feeding deer and enjoying good ol' texan BBQ! Ya all' come back now!