Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Move that Bus!"

Well we celebrated 4th of July with our friends and then the moving truck came and we were off! It was like extreme makeover "Move that Bus!" They really got the hugest truck ever and it was really hideous. The truck was huge and it made quite a scene at our new neighborhood. We love it here in SLO and the weather is amazing!!! I guess when you move from the valley in the middle of summer it makes it feel even better! We had one hiccup along with the way with Ellie. She caught a nasty virus that involved fever for 5 days and ending in red dots all over her legs and swollen ankles! After an ER visit, blood work, doctor visit, urine sample, they have concluded it is a virus and will heal on it's own. So, life gets crazy but when it gives you lemons make lemonade right? At least I get to look out at the beautiful hills every morning from our front porch. We miss our friends though, so come visit!! We would love to have you:) Well, onto our next chapter in life. Always an adventure here, as buzz would say, "To infinity and beyond!"