Monday, August 24, 2009

Lake Nacimiento & a 1st grader!!

So, we ended our summer with a trip to Lake Nacimiento, which is near Paso Robles. We love it there! This is the lake I fell in love with my husband even more! We would take lake trips all the time at this lake in College and it is always a good time! We went with Weir and Amanda who are expecting a baby girl in January! The kids did great, being this was their 1st time tubing and being on a boat for 5+ hours! Weir introduced us to surfing behind the boat! "skurf"! So fun! I of course couldn't let go of the rope, but Jacob did awesome! Ellie got knocked off the tube once. Yeah that was pretty much the end of her tubing days for this year. Pics to come. The boys loved holding the flag up when someone fell and sitting at the tip of the boat like the "captain". I think Weir and Amanda are a little scared to have a child now! ha! Just kidding. After spending 2 days on the lake with us and our 3 kids! You never know what might happen:

-James eating it on his scooter down a hill, denting his helmet.
-Stayed up till midnight watching the new Hannah Montana movie. Ellie asked to rewind every part!
-Ellie telling everyone she didn't get a good night sleep because her Dad was "tooting"
-Kids staying up way past their bed times
-Kids having growing pains during the night
-Feeding the deer, and then letting the dogs out of the gate, scaring them away! Aughh!
-Sitting on the golf cart wishing and hoping one of those buttons would make it go!
-Crying, laughing, giggling, cheering, chasing, Chill out!!

Needless to say they were excited to end our summer with the lake.

Now we have a 1st grader!!! Ellie had her first day of school today and she did great. Me, not so much. I thought school ended at 3:15, no 3:00. Oops! I really hope this is not a theme this year! My goal is to not be much. It is a bad habit and I guess casually late doesn't count in school. The brothers and me had a great day together. I never had 2 kids, but I really liked it. We were all happy to see Ellie at 3:07.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My new Office

Ok so here is my new office...still in progress so give me some tips? I want to change the faceplate on the switch, it is off white, doesn't go, I think I want to put pulls on the drawers that match the kitchen, and I will try to find a before pic, because it looked like old man office with wood and it was way too dark! What do you think? I am going feng sheui?! Not sure how to spell, but love how there is no clutter?!! I do!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer lovin

This summer I think we have spent only a few days at home. Jacob and I at the Fray concert, me and the kids at Beauty and the Beast, Swimming at the Burnetts house everyday, the twins with GG on their B-day! She bought them a vacume and a bunch of balls! This picture turned out a little blurry but I liked it! And...going to the beach a lot! Here we are in Avila with all the cousins. They were burrying Uncle Andrew. It was fun, the kids got in the water!! Burrr! But it was fun! So, school starts this month and I am going to have a 1st grader! Well, now that we are home we are hitting the pavement. Boys have their 3 year old check up, shots, the whole enchilada! So, off I go to being a mother, friend, wife, housekeeper, cook, taxi cab, and just a little crazy, not much though.