Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pickin' Apples

We finally got to take Jacob to the Avila Barn! It is one of the kids favorite places! We went on the hayride and picked apples and Jacob is making an apple pie right now! I would really love to have my own farm and orchard. It would be beautiful to look at and yummy to eat! But a ton of work! I love the pic of cooper here to the left. He is our "challenging" child, well I guess all kids are challenging but he is especially "special". He is super smart and he knows it! Aughh! But doesn't he look so sweet in this pic?...makes me want to be more patient with him. By the way the ice-cream was amazing at the barn! Cupcake ice0-cream, oatmeal choc-chip and lime sorbet! Dad spoiled them and then we headed to the beach. Love having a day with the fam.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

2nd grader!!!

2nd grader!!! School has begun and Ellie's words were, "I can't believe summer is over!" But, we will still have fun! She had a great first day of school. Kids are so easy to adjust and I am grateful she is outgoing and makes friends easily! The twins start preschool in 2 weeks and I never worry about them. Twins always have each other and my boys think they are the bomb and can do anything! ha ha, they will hopefully keep that mentality. Things I noticed about Ellie as a 2nd grader:
Well, I think Ellie will be just fine. Of course, my sleepless nights of worrying about her and wondering if our move would make things hard, I realized kids like adventures and love to learn! So, school is a good place! I will post The brothers in a few weeks, watch out! These boys are growing up!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

10 years!!

Jacob and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary yesterday!!! Here we are all together on our header! Wow, can't believe how much has happened in 10 years!!! Love my life and all the roads we have taken thus far:)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer almost gone!

Peach picking in Avila, The beach, curly, curly hair, and 5 baby chicks!!! We are enjoying SLO and all our visitors who have come in just the 1st month of us living here!! School starts this month, can't believe it!! This summer has gone by way too fast!