Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain, Rain and more Rain!

Ok sorry Aunt Penni but I don't think I could live in Oregon! All this rain we have been having has only been a few days and I am needing a break. It is dark, cold and the kids are wanting to go on a bike ride right now! I would totally take them on one but it is coming down pretty good today. So I let the twins play in it and of course they had fun and then came in soaked and wanted hot chocolate and new clothes. The twins are now 3 1/2 and are slightly driving me a little crazy. They were good, now not so much. Why is it that they are angels when you are not trying to get anything done? The minute I start to do something, the whine, crying, and fighting begins!! Guess our kids just want our attention but so does my house and laundry! Ok so I think life will be better when it is spring. I love that time of year and it is the beginning of birthdays and almost summer! As for the shot of Ellie, any former Rising Star gymnasts reading this post will recognize the leotard!! It is my old one!! Yes, my mom kept some of my old stuff and now Ellie has a sack full. Not only has she worn this leotard to gymnastics but she also has been wearing my old sweatshirt that says, "Rising Star gymnastics Carmel CA" with my name APRIL down the sleeve to school. She says she never takes it off at school and it is her favorite sweatshirt. Really?! I mean I guess I am really cool to her right now. She tells everyone it is my old stuff and she looks so cute in it! Confident shall we say?! I am glad she is so proud of her mom's old stuff . I have a pic of me on my living room floor doing the splits just like Ellie. I need to find it mom and then post it with this one!

Monday, January 4, 2010


We had a great Christmas at my parents house. The hits were skateboards and an easy bake oven! Jacob played golf, we enjoyed 70 degree weather on Christmas day!!! The new year has started and all my kids are in the primary at church! They all got their own "CTR" rings. This stands for "Choose The Right." They were so excited and proud to get their very own rings and I hope they can remember what it means! I love being a mother to my children. They make me so happy and yes they are growing up so fast! Today is the last day of break before Ellie goes back to school. Over the break I have enjoyed being with her...most of the time, and learned that she really looks up to me as her mother. Especially with little girls I need to remind myself to be the best mother and example to her. She watches my every move and wants to be just like me. Ellie says, everyone at school says she looks like her mother. At least she is proud of it and not humiliated! ha ha! We are raising our future and I hope my children can make the most out of theirs! So Here is to 2010! Make it a good one!