Friday, February 20, 2009

American Idol

Here is a little video of Cooper and Ellie...

Good Times

We had a great weekend at my parent's house! Visiting with old friends, going to the my museum, good food, the AT&T golf tournament. Boy, we miss living there! The kids got into some old hats. It was pretty funny. Our good friends the Conroy's were over. Lily and Ellie always find something to get into! Oh and James is in the straw hat! Isn't he so cute! Every time I take a pic of the twins I think, oh that is a good yearbook pic! :) Oh and Ellie has 2 teeth lost now and she got her ears pierced on V-day! You can kind of see the bling in her ears here. Self portrait. Nice gap. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walk for my bro!

If you want to support the CALBIA "California Brain Association" we will be walking for my little brother Jason on Saturday March 14 in Bakersfield CA. All the info is on his blog Check it out, it is $25 for registration and includes a t-shirt! All proceeds go to the association to help those that have have Tramatic Brain injuries. If you want to come that would be great! Jason has his own account as well if you would like to donate to that instead of for the association. We have had several generous donations come our way for Jay when he first had his accident. He will be going home to live with my parents in April sometime. We need all the support we can get right now! Thanks!
p.s. This is one of my favorite pics of my brother with Ellie. She was just 2 1/2 years old! 

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I am nervous to change my blog background because last time I did that I lost all my friends blogs. How do you all change your background and header? What websites are good? I have looked and there are a lot! I am wanting to get more festive, I love Valentine's Day and the colors, so let me know if you have time and give me details please. Like how to do it. Thanks:) 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Afros & No Teeth!

Ok so the pic of the two in the afros, the girl is my cousin Brenda and her boyfriend Brian! They had a 70's theme b-day party for Brenda at the roller rink! We tye-dyed shirts with our neighbors for the whole family and I thought I was creative! Check our her one piece!! It was awesome! It zipped up. Of course she looked fab in it and her boyfriend was just hilarious. White shorts! nice. Ellie skated with me while the boys watched. And then...Ellie lost her first tooth! Now, the one right next to it is wiggly too! I can't believe it. Within weeks of each other my boys are potty trained and my daughter is loosing teeth! I guess they have to grow up.