Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moving again?!!

So, yeah it sounds crazy, but we are moving again into a new house in SLO. Same town, new place! Long story, but let's just say we will be saving a ton of money, since our rent was a little crazy, our neighbor was a little well you know, and we had no back yard, or should I say we had a chicken coup! New house=big yard, hot tub, own space, close to freeway/downtown SLO and grass!...which we have missed dearly since moving from Clovis! So, off we go...we did not unpack a lot so yes, my garage is full of boxes filled with a bunch of who knows what, really I just want to go take it to goodwill but I am sure there are some valuable things in there. The movers packed us, so I do not know where anything is and frankly I do not even know what is in the boxes. We are excited to be close to downtown and get settled...again. Our life is an adventure, and it is showing me to hang on and ride it and have fun or you will go crazy. Even though I feel a little crazy right now. Jacob and I just open the garage stare at all the boxes and then shut it! ha:) For real, this is our 8th move, we will settle down someday:)