Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break part 2

Spring Break was much needed for the Dean fam and the kids had a blast. We ended up staying in a hotel in Pismo Beach, which was awesome! Highly recommend the Oxford Suites. Continental hot buffet breakfast, appetizers and free drinks at night, heated pool, jacuzzi, kiddie pool, great rooms! Of course didn't get any pics of that, too busy! Ellie remembered how to swim from last year! Yeah! The boys still a little timid. We then went to visit my dad for the night. The kids love their "pappy!" He gave them a ride on the cemetery lawn mower! Nice! James is in front of the James Dean memorial. Jacob just had to peel out as we were leaving. Thought it was cool. Yes, we were in the charger, and people were staring, 3 kids in the back, and a reckless driver, it was fun though! We got the kids this swing at target, the neighbors have one, and they loved it. Now, I think I might need to buy 2 more. My kids hate sharing it. Ellie was born to swing. She loves it and could swing all day long, singing hannah montana, and her own songs. This is a pic of Cooper. True happiness on a swing! Then, we went to Gilroy Gardens...pics to come. It was awesome!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break Day 1!

Ellie had a girlfriend from school over and her sister today! Beautiful weather, opened windows, doors, everything fresh and lively with little ones running around! Here is how some of the conversation went: 

Ellie: "Look at me I am a superstar!"
Friend: "Ellie, how old are you?"
Ellie: "5!"
Friend: "Ellie your brother is naked!"
Ellie: "Oh, it's ok he is like that all the time!"
Friend: "April one of the brothers went potty in Ellie's room on her rug!"
Me: "Oh, ok honey, why don't you guys go outside and play while I clean it up!"
Friend: "Ellie your brother is naked!"
Ellie: "Which one?" 
Friend: "I don't know they look the same naked!" 

Ha I just have to laugh at these little conversations with Ellie's friends! She had such a fun day!I thought it would be fun to kick off spring break with friends, fun and sun! We slip-n-slided, decorated cakes, played dress up, listened to Hannah Montana over and over! It was pretty funny watching "the brothers" interact with them. Oh they are going to love having an older sister! Hopefully they won't be running around naked at 16. Watch out girls! 

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So lately we have been a little sick, lazy, no cookin, messy, house! Ellie was diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia this week! So she has been home all week from school. The cooking has consisted of Cooper's favorit, Cup-o-noodles! Loves that stuff, so bad for you! Anyhow, Ellie folded my laundry, had to take a pick of that! She is so diligent and always wants to be the "mommy". Our bed has become our kids favorite spot to read. So, Sunday afternoon Jacob took this pic of us. I had just woken up from a nap...so excuse the bed head. We have been living in our backyard! Love this weather. Next week is spring break. Hope all is healthy and ready to have some fun!