Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Slippin n' slidin

Here is Ellie, Cooper(Right), James (left)smiling, running towards the infamous slip-n-slide. This has been the highlight the past couple of days. It is too hot to go anywhere, gas prices are not so great, and believe it or not my kids enjoy being at home, and I am trying to enjoy this time before school starts and we are back on a schedule and life gets crazy! It is nice to just lounge and not have to have anything planned.

Here are the brothers sliding, Cooper is in front, they were quite entertaining! Of course, this activity involved being naked, water, and chasing each other. What more could you want?!

Here is Ellie... in front of course, followed by Cooper, then James. They all look like they are running a marathon! They would start by the side of the house and wrap all the way around and make their entrance.

Here is Cooper going down, once again, a fine investment this summer, our plastic pool backwards! He loves doing this and even though the slide is little it made him happy! Thank you Toys R Us!
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tree house!

So here is an awesome tree house! We went to Jacob's good friends The Blaine's house last weekend where this tree house was lifted by a crane crew and bolted into this tree stump. We saw the whole thing take place. Pretty cool!

Here is Ellie enjoying it till dark! She of course loved it when she practically had it to herself. It was pretty high up there, but once again so cool for the kids!

Here is James, his favorite thing to do was swing on this rope. I would push him and he would hang on for dear life.

The brothers in the Mini Cooper. This is Baretts, Jacob's best man from our wedding owns this awesome old school Mini. James is drivin, Cooper is chilin. We will have one of these someday!
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Best Friends Forever "BFF"

Here is Cooper in the Yellow and James in the blue. We had all last week to ourselves while Ellie was at Summer School Camp at GG's. It was so fun to have the boys play! They truly are hilarious to watch. Uncle Michael this shirt is for you, you can't see the plane but there is one under "Jet Setter"

Jacob brought these home from his parents house. These were Jacob's when he was little! The boys love them! They set them up and it is so funny! I thought this was a good shot. All boys like the Army men. Be all you can be!!
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Baseball or bust!

The Dean Family, cousins, aunts, uncles went to the b-ball game for fireworks, food and fun!

This is Cooper, loved the step!

This is James, eating a churro this inning...:)

Ellie & cousin Emma! They are so cute together! Ellie's favorite part of the game was getting the sno-cone around the 5th inning! She did better this year and only plugged one ear during the fireworks.
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Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Kids and Me

So this pic was taken with Jacob's fun saver camera from his last business trip. Turned out pretty good without being digital and all. Anyhow I was watching the today show the other morning and the topic was, "Does having children make you a happier couple or not?" Guess what the verdict was...No!! Can you believe it! Well I just have to say that my children make me and Jake a happier couple. We love our children and each other. The world is trying to tell us otherwise. My kids make me love my husband even more. Cheers to having children!
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