Thursday, September 25, 2008

Afternoons, Ellie and a bed!

Does your kitchen look like this say around 4:00 in the afternoon? I thought this picture says it all: Ellie doing her homework before gymnastics, me making dinner, the sonic drink from happy hour, the brothers on the counter, "helping".
Here is Ellie for picture day yesterday. She thought she looked good, so did I! She loves it when I do her hair like this, she has so much of it!
The highlight of our month was that Ellie finally got a bed for her room. She had been using one of the twins beds until they could use them. So, now that the brothers have their beds she has one! The best part was, it was given to us! This was my friend Kelly's bed when she was little, she had two of them, so she gave us one! Love Friends and Free stuff! Thanks Kelly, she will have many great memories of this bed I am sure!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Soccer has begun!

Ok seriously, she is so cute and posed even on the soccer field!
Here she is in action! I am so excited to watch a game! Love the shin-guards. I loved playing soccer in High School, it was so much fun!
Here is the stud! Cooper posing for Dad. Jacob took all these pics for me and I love them! Cooper is always ready for a shot. Watch out you might see him on a billboard someday:)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sept So Far...

My little mozarts painting on the back patio. Aren't they angelic? Well at least in this picture they look like they are! They were so serious and concentrating so hard.
James on our family movie night. We watched "The BEE Movie"! So cute! They all loved it because they could eat popcorn!
An apple a day keeps the doctor away! They were all so cute sitting here on the fireplace eating their apples.
This was the best find ever! I found this wagon on craigslist, my favorite website to date! The boys love this wagon. I stroll the kids to school in it, while Ellie holds one of the brothers on her lap with an umbrella for shade. I will get a pic of that! It is so cute to hear all of them giggling on the way to school. I wish I could freeze those moments and make them last forever!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Brides & Babies!

Here are my good friends from High School! The one on the end in all black is getting married next month...and
Ellie is going to be the flower girl! She was so cute at her bridal shower. She handed her all the gifts and made sure she stayed hydrated by giving her sips of her drink! So cute!
Here is a pic of Paso Robles where we went for my friend Sarah's baby shower. She is having a little girl Lily and she currently has Mr. G who is 3! So perfect a boy and a girl! She truly is one of the greatest friends a girl could have. Jacob took this pic while driving, beautiful skyline in Paso.